Your wife called, and said you can have whatever you want.              GATELY enclosures are rated for 500lb subwoofers and 10,000,000 WATTS! :)             Your husband called, and said you can have whatever you want.

Gately - Alpha 12" Subwoofer

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The Gately 12" Alpha Series Subwoofer is designed to meet the needs of the serious basshead that wants major output and power handling. With a massive USA wound 3″ voice coil for increased thermal capacity, we designed the rest of the motor from the ground up using FEA optimization. Using three ultra-high grade Y35 magnets the Gately 12" Alpha has plenty of motor force and excursion potential. Our custom tooled progressive 3 layer 100% Nomex spider pack with triple sewn tinsel leads which help keep the moving assembly under control at extreme excursion levels. A non-pressed kraft pulp hybrid fiber blend cone body and a multi-layer foam surround keeps the Gately 12" Alpha durable for your sonic enjoyment for many years to come. Finished off with 8 awg OFC Sky High Car Audio direct leads and a hydraulic pressed carbon fiber dust cap the Gately 12" Alpha is ready for the most extreme setups. The Alpha 12" series is designed for monster day driver system, and even competition use for those requiring high linearity and extreme power handling. From a punishing low end to the subtle nuances in your favorite kick drum track, the new Gately 12" Alpha Series Subwoofer delivers!

Re         =      3.2355 ohms
Fs         =     35.3138 Hz
Qes        =      0.4881
Qms        =      5.5613
Qts        =      0.4487
Le         =      2.3130 mH  (at 1 kHz)
Diam       =    247.6500 mm  (  9.7500 in  )
Sd         =  48168.8790 mm^2( 74.6619 in^2)
Vas        =     26.2949 L   (  0.9286 ft^3)
BL         =     19.3526 N/A
Mms        =    254.6108 g
Cms        =     79.7762 uM/N
Sensitivity=     85.4999 dB @1W/1m

Weighs 61 lbs.




2500 RMS

MIN INTERNAL VOL 1.5 cubic feet
MAX INTERNAL VOL 2.25 cubic feet
MIN Port Area 24 sq inches
MAX Port Area 36 sq inches