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Wednesdays 6PM PST

Quietly Loud Podcast


CATCH Bobby Gately each week on the Quietly Loud Podcast with fellow hosts Steve Barber of SHTNONM and Drew Jones of BASSAHAULIC PRODUCTIONS.
Wednesdays 6PM PST.

Quietly Loud Episode 36 - Jon Rabe from Sky High Car Audio joins us!
Quietly Loud Episode 35 - Going work for my old boss?! HUH!!! What a week!!! 
Quietly Loud Episode 34 - TDH, USACI World Finals, Sky High BBQ, and Drew is headed to Aggieland!
Quietly Loud Episode 33 - Ed Lester from Sparked Innovations will be joining us!!
Quietly Loud Episode 32 - Mistakes were made. Now what?
Quietly Loud episode 31 - Let's talk about music. What songs we love to demo and listen to daily.
Quietly Loud Episode 30 - From Skar Audio SPL to Top Level SQ. The Jeffry Hald Story.
Quietly Loud Episode 29 - Kyle Ruckus Rutherford joins us!! New build, Clipo, and more!
Quietly Loud Episode 28 - Selling Online. The good, the bad, and the ugly.
Quietly Loud Episode 27 - “Inspiration”. What things inside or outside of car audio has inspired you and us!!
Quietly Loud Episode 26 - Going to the MAX!!! For SPL And SQ!
Quietly Loud Episode 25 - Let's get Ruthless tonight!
Quietly Loud Episode 24 - This week, Some of the fellas from B&C will be joiningus for an information packed episode!!
Quietly Loud Episode 23 - Let's get ELECTRICAL! Jonathan Patrick from Brand X Electrical joins us for a Q&A session!!
Quietly Loud Episode 22 - We get DJ Russticals into the mix to teach us about all things music and recording!
Quietly Loud Episode 21 - BS session round 2 with the boys and chat! Grab a bevy and jump in the convo tonight!
Quietly Loud Episode 20 - BS session with the boys and chat! Grab a bevy and jump in the convo tonight!
Quietly Loud Episode 19 - Kyle Ruckus Rutherford joins us!! Ruckus and Chill 2022, Clipo, and more!
Quietly Loud Episode 18 - Ground Pound Sold?? What's next?? Chris from Limitless Lithium Joins us this week!
Quietly Loud Episode 17 - SEMA and The Showdown Recap!
Quietly Loud Episode 16 - Bobby & Steve SEMA Days 1 & 2 RE-CAP!!! Drew is sad. :'(
Quietly Loud Episode 15 - Andrew Showers of B2 Audio Joins us! SEMA, The Showdown, and more!
Quietly Loud Episode 14 - Whats it take to build and own a DEMO MONSTER!! Part 2 with Steven Dunkin!
Quietly Loud Episode 13 - Whats it take to build and own a DEMO MONSTER!!
Quietly Loud Episode 12 - How much power can you REALLY run to a sub? Break-in? STR8CLIPPN?
Quietly Loud Episode 11 - Our bearded brother Hammy Sterner from SHTNONM will be joining us!
Quietly Loud Episode 10 - SEMA, The Showdown, installation talk, and more!
Quietly Loud Episode 9 -  Sky High BBQ V9 recap with special guest Jon Rabe from Sky High Car Audio!
Quietly Loud Episode 8 - Sky High BBQ pre game talk and some general BS.
Quietly Loud Episode 7 - Back from Surf City!
Quietly Loud Episode 6 - Let's Talk COMPETING! Our friend and IASCA judge Ray Pimley joins us!
Quietly Loud Episode 5 - Lets talk TUNING! SPL and SQ :) 
Quietly Loud Episode 4 - Who is Steve Barber? 

Quietly Loud Episode 3 - Christerfer Pate from Mobile Toys Inc Joins us!
Quietly Loud Episode 2 - Who is Drew?
Quietly Loud Episode 1 - Leap of Faith