Your wife called, and said you can have whatever you want.              GATELY enclosures are rated for 500lb subwoofers and 10,000,000 WATTS! :)             Your husband called, and said you can have whatever you want.


Northern California native Bobby Gately grew up in the Bay Area and from the age of 14 was intensely interested in car audio. Growing up with a family of car enthusiasts, he learned about tools, materials and hard work at an early age.

Bobby built his first subwoofer enclosure in the summer of 1989 on the front lawn of his house in Milpitas with borrowed tools and inexpensive materials. This first box for his friend Jason was, of course, just the beginning. 

Over the years, Bobby has acquired an extensive working knowledge of sound technology, trends and manipulation. His mastery of custom fabrication comes from years of material experimentation and technique innovation.

Gately Audio began manufacturing Production and Perfect Fit enclosures in 2017 with an ongoing dedication to building the best quality enclosures in the industry. Bobby relentlessly revised and improved each and every enclosure that was added to the line-up as he still does to this day. Gately Audio is synonymous with quality craftsmanship, a beautiful aesthetic and unmatched performance.

Bobby recruited and trained a team of talented assembly and installation technicians who build and deliver products that exceed expectations and out perform the competition. We appreciate our customers, from the novice to the seasoned bass-head or sound quality audiophile — we're here for you and strive to provide premium level customer service. 

Bobby Gately with an Acrylic Enclosure with Audiobahn subwoofer. 2001

Gately Audio Team

Our RELENTLESS team of badasses are here to make dreams a reality. We push the envelope on every build and we fucking LOVE what we do — It’s called passion! L to R: Anthony Gomez, Production Manager; Brett Cramer, Quality Control/ Jack of All Trades; Bobby Gately, Design/Fabrication Mastermind/Evil Genius; Colt Dunkley, Master Installer/Wizard; Tyson Lemon, Installation Tech. Not photographed Assembly Technicians: Gavin Givens, Zach Wolf and Toby Staley.