Your wife called, and said you can have whatever you want.              GATELY enclosures are rated for 500lb subwoofers and 10,000,000 WATTS! :)             Your husband called, and said you can have whatever you want.

DD Audio 10" 1100 Series Subwoofer

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The 1100 Series subs are designed to be highly efficient and sound amazing. Like all of DD Audio’s made in USA subwoofers they use the highest grade parts on the planet and can be personalized with custom build options. Their Hi-Def Tuned suspensions are perfect for sealed or small vented enclosures.

1110: 200w to 600w – 10 Inch Hi-Def Tuned Subwoofer

Speaker Size (In): 10
Watts RMS: 200 - 400
Watts Peak: 800
Impedance: D2 / D4
VCD (In): 2
Piston Diameter (In): 8.5
Fs (Hz): 34
Qms: 5.266
Qes: 0.663
Qts: 0.588
Vas: 22.47
dBSPL: 84
Xmech (MM): 64
Xmax (MM): 13.5
Frame OD (In): 10.11
Frame OD w/Gasket (In): 10.37
Mounting Diameter (In): 9.12
Mounting Depth (In): 5.25
Motor Diameter (In): 5.75
Motor Depth (In): 2.35
Magnet Weight (Oz): 90
Woofer Displacement (CuFt): 0.07
Sealed Enclosure (CuFt): 0.5 - 1.0
Ported Enclosure (CuFt): 0.5 - 1.25
Price (USD): 319 each