Resilient Sounds TEAM-15 5K RMS Woofer
Resilient Sounds TEAM-15 5K RMS Woofer
Resilient Sounds TEAM-15 5K RMS Woofer

Resilient Sounds TEAM-15 5K RMS Woofer

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The Team Series is by far our largest subwoofer that we offer weighing in at at nearly 135 lbs for the 15! We understand that you don't want all that weight for no reason so lets tell you a little bit about this monster!! 

The Team Series boasts a Quad stack Y35 280mm motor structure which utilizes an optimal shorting ring, pole cap, and venting through the bottom plate and pole. The 4” 8 Layer Flatwound aluminum coil made in the USA with nearly a 4” winding height utilizes eight 10” Nomex Progressive spiders paired with a mega roll surround to allow for extreme power handling and excursion!



The Team series sub:

-Conservatively rated 5,000 RMS(tested on nearly 7500 RMS without any issues)

-4" 8 layer flatwound aluminum coil with nearly a 4" winding height made in the US.

-8 stacked 10" nomex progressive spiders with XL triple tinsels  

-Quad stack FEA optimized motor with shorting ring and pole cap 

-4 gauge terminals

-Available in 15" Dual 1 Ohm




RMS: 5000

SPL: 89.1 dB

FMS: 29.3 Hz

BL: 19.6

Res: 192.7 

Re: 2.0

Qms: 6.36

Qes: 0.34

Qts: 0.32

Rms: 10.3 kg/s

Cms: 0.06

Mms: 354.1 gr

Nref: 0.51%

VAS: 70.9 L

Rp: 36.2

Lp: 35.8 mH

Cp: 1008.3 uF

Le: 2.06 mH




Every vehicles applications, equipment, tuning, wiring, ext all play a factor in making sure your woofers are playing clean signals to avoid any clipping. Our products have the reputation of taking some of the most abuse in the industry for its given power rating, but to ensure the longevity using the right air space and scoping for a clean signal will be sure to have a lasting daily resilient subwoofer. 


Suggested Healthy spec range.

Rule of thumb lean towards smaller enclousre if clamping @ or more than conservative power. Lean towards bigger enclosure clamping below conservative power


Ported enclosure

4.00ft-6.00ft tuned @35hertz with 12-16sqaure inch of port area per cubic foot. 



Please see freight terms before ordering


    Due to the heavy weight of these subs, and the value of such a merchandise we can't ship these by ground by UPS or Fedex due to the danger of mishandlement of the packages. It is to ensure your woofers Surround, basket, and motor to remain in perfect condition. This is included in the cost of the woofer, so no extra charge for such a service. Once order is placed we will send details of the freight location to pick up the product. Once confirmed by you we will schedule shipment. If you would like to know the location before ordering please send us an email with your zip code. 

As soon as your item is ready to ship you will receive an email with tracking information. We use FedEx, UPS and YRC Freight for all shipments.

*Shipping is free in the lower 48 states, unless otherwise stated.

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