RAIDEN - The F-450 Build

RAIDEN - The F-450 Build

This sick F-450 came to Gately Audio in the fall of 2021 from Rochester, New York. Escaping the harsh east coast winter, the F-450 patiently waited for it's slot in the Gately build line up. Exciting upgrades along the way from the owner, Bobby and the Gately team made this one of our most epic builds to date and we're not done yet.


 Raiden made it's debut at the Spring Sky High Car Audio BBQ in May of 2022 with it's twelve Gately Relentless 12" blow through with twelve B2 Audio 4500.1 amplifiers. The gorgeous baltic birch and acrylic enclosure, matched the luxurious King Ranch interior and was visually stunning from top to bottom. Although the enclosure performed as expected, it proved to be not as serviceable as we ultimately decided would be necessary for a customer across the country. Six Limitless Lithium Cyber 12-Ks power these badass amplifiers and subwoofers. The custom glowing acrylic/metal flake resin pour door panels and a-pillars were outfitted with B2 Audio components. The front door sealed enclosures house eight B2 Audio Reference 6.5" mid-bass speakers and the back door enclosures hold four B2 Audio Reference 8" mid-bass speakers. Each a-pillar features four B2 Audio 3" mid-range speakers and four B2 Audio 3" CDR horns. Powering the mids and highs, under the back seat there are three B2 Audio 1200.2 and four B2 Audio 1200.4 amplifiers. Also tucked under the back seat are four DS18 horns, Audio Control DM-810 and Matrix. SMD distribution blocks and Sky High Car Audio wire and lugs throughout this awesome build ties everything together. 

The second 12 X 12 birch and engraved acrylic enclosure was designed and built along with a new metal amp rack for the back of the F-450 bed. The steel amp rack was cut by Steve Meade, welded by Colt Dunkley and powder coated. The roof of the RAIDEN received a two inch thick reinforced birch and glowing engraved acrylic/resin custom panels along with a billet and glowing acrylic support beam. Additional glowing acrylic components were added to the Stryker lift kit assembly. 


 RAIDEN was on display and gave demo after demo in Lincoln City, Oregon - Surf City event in August 2022. Two weeks later after some tuning by our good friend Drew Jones at Bassahaulic Productions, RAIDEN made it's was back to Sparks, Nevada for the Fall Sky High Car Audio BBQ. 

What's next for RAIDEN?
Our team will be fabricating a handful of finishing touches over the next couple of months as we prepare for SEMA.

Where to catch RAIDEN?
TRUCK MANIA, Sacramento, CA October 7th - 8th
SEMA, Las Vegas NV November 1st - 4th
THE SHOWDOWN, Primm NV November 5th-6th
Heading home to Rochester, NY

What's in this beast of a build?
Gately Relentless 12" Subwoofer
B2 Audio 4500.1 Amplifier
B2 Audio 1200.2 Amplifier (unavailable)
B2 Audio 1200.4 Amplifier (unavailable)
B2 Audio Reference 6.5"
B2 Audio Reference 8"
B2 Audio 3" mid-range
B2 Audio 3" CDR horns
Limitless Lithium Cyber 12K
Audio Control DM-810
Audio Control Matrix Plus
DS-18 Horns