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SoundQubed QS Series SD25 Silk Dome Tweeters (Pair)

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Silk dome tweeters like the QS Series SD25 add crisp, clear high-frequency details to your listening experience. SD25s are perfect for daily driver applications with limited speaker mounting options. If you’re replacing a stock component set, bump your daily driver listening to the next level with the QS Series Component Set (includes the SD25).

Factory tweeter designs tend to sacrifice speaker performance and efficiency for a lower cost. The SD25 uses synthetic materials to reinforce its silk dome. As a result, the SD25 has outstanding responsiveness with a warm, balanced tone even at high volumes. The 12 dB/oct slope ensures that you’ll be able to enjoy these for a long time to come.

Dispersion is also limited by cheaper designs. Silk dome tweeters cover small spaces well due to their broader dispersion pattern. Even in complex mixes, you’ll hear brightness and presence that stock tweeters or coaxial speakers can’t match. You can also add these to your big build to balance out booming, burping bass.

SD25 tweeters handle 75W RMS driving a 25mm voice coil covering frequencies from 3.5-22kHz. The 13mm mounting depth and a 44mm cutout make it suitable for installing in small spaces. For stock tweeter replacements, these dimensions allow for easy placement in the A-pillar or dash tweeter locations. The low mass of the internal moving parts allows for an efficient response when reproducing high frequencies in your car or truck’s audio system.

  • Single 4 Ohm
  • 75 Watts RMS
  • Frequency response of 3.5 kHz-22 kHz