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B2 Audio Rage 4500.1

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Never to be outdone, the Rage series from B2 Audio has a new amplifier, the 4500.1.

The Rage series has been iconic in it’s ability to provide the latest technology and smaller sized foot print never before seen in current driven half bridge amplifier design. Most amplifiers are twice the size of the rage series, proving difficult for installation and heat management. B2 Audio was able to solve these issues by commissioning a whole new heavy duty 3 oz PCB and heatsink design with the best possible electronic components available allowing this amplifier to meet the most demanding challenges and provide the best value possible. Don’t be fooled by the small footprint though, in our testing this amplifier has seen north of 8500 watts rms and has been extensively tested for stability and reliability even driven at the low ohm loads. Also featuring B2 Audio’s new Current Adaptable Performance technology (CAP) the Rage 4500.1 has a wide operational voltage of 10 to 17 volts DC allowing it to be optimized to newer battery technologies such as LTO Lithium that require higher charging voltages than normal AGM batteries. 



Frequency Response:    10Hz ~ 300 Hz

Signal to Noise Ratio:     >95 dB

Input Sensitivity:             5 V ~ 0.2 V

Crossover:          24 dB / Oct

Low Pass Crossover:       35Hz ~ 250Hz

Bass Boost Frequency:  45 Hz / 0 ~ 9 dB

Damping Factor:               >400

Power Terminal gauge: 0 GA x 3

Fuse Rating:       400 A

Operational voltage:      9 V ~ 17 V

Dimensions:      21.5” x 8.7” x 2.55”

Power @ 4 Ω 14.4v < 1% THD:   1 x 1600w

Power @ 2 Ω 14.4v < 1% THD:   1 x 3000w

Power @ 1 Ω 14.4v < 1% THD :  1 x 4500 w

Dynamic Power @ 4 Ω 14.4v:     1 x 1900w

Dynamic Power @ 2 Ω 14.4v:     1 x 3500w

Dynamic Power @ 1 Ω 14.4v:     1 x 7000w

Dynamic Power @ .8 Ω 14.4v:    1 x 7700w (wiring below 1 ohm may void manufacturer defect warranty, user accepts all risks)

Dynamic Power @ .67 Ω 14.4v:  1 x 8795w (wiring below 1 ohm may void manufacturer defect warranty, user accepts all risks)